KOMPAK Showing Up at Technology University of Yogyakarta

Today (3/5), KomPAk presented their first perfomance of culture. KomPAk means Komedi,Puisi Akustik (comedy, poetry, acoustic). It is the newest community for students who expert in culture and literature. It sounds good for students to show their talents up here. This Event was supported by Bintang Kecil and Wahyudi Tour & Travel and was begun at 3 o’clock. The President, Dori said he hoped the students of English department can evolve their talents. He said the same event will be held continually in Tuesday of the first week of month. Next month, it will be the second event. The first performance was filled by Mr. Radjaban, the Lecturer of Linguistic and also Head of Study Program English Literature in English Department of UTY. He cheered up the audience with his joking in the standup comedy. It is no doubt because of his skill in the semantic study. He is the master of linguistic. Mr. Pramono, the lecturer who is always feared by his students did not left this chance to show him self  that He is also a friendly lecturer. At a glance, the atmosphere was being changed to be warm. It was not only standup comedy, this event also presented reading poetry and also music performance.

The North Students Choir amazed audience by their voice

The North Students Choir amazed audience by their voice

Mr. Pramono was the first showing his talent in it. He read his two poems : Abadai and also Kabar Hujan. Zhaki, his student in the poetry class also performed his expert in making poems. He read his three amazing poems : Sajak karena Rima, Namaku Dipan Nusantara, and also Sepotong sajak untuk bibir. The audience was made unnerved by the participants. Actually, students of English Department was awarded many talents to be a great person. The audience was enthusiastic. Although rain was falling outside, they kept enjoy following every season presented. The audience’s applause simultaneously graced was heard rousing because of Vocal group of INTIM ( The East of Indonesia Comunity ) performance. This event was closed by a dance from INTIM  at 5.30 pm.



2 thoughts on “KOMPAK Showing Up at Technology University of Yogyakarta

    • Wish I could make the next performance, it sounds fun! I liked the description of the organizers and participants as well as the atmosphere in the performance venue.

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