Becak : Facsinating Traditional Vehicle

Yogyakarta, “The city of culture”, Many people usually call it. It is not without reasons. As you know, when you come to Yogyakarta you will see many beautiful culture still keep exist here.  Becak is one of recommended traditional vehicle if you like for looking around the town.  It doesn’t pollute environment. You can also more enjoy your journey because Becak will go slowly so you will not left the breathtaking beauty view of the town.  You will feel how the breeze combs your hair and makes your face fresh.  Beginning from the hearth of the city, Malioboro Street, The driver will pick up you patiently for shopping in the long of Malioboro Street. You can found the antique and unique things here. Do not forget to buy Bakpia Pathuk. That is the popular cake in Yogyakarta. Go straight on to the south, you will see Vredeburg Museum in the left side and also’ Gedung Agung’ in the right side with the big ‘Beringin’ trees in its yard.  It makes the yard seem shaded. Then you will also the history building, The Big Post Office and BNI bank. Remember to taste Gudeg Jogja in Wijilan, you can ask the driver to go there. Actually, there many destinations you have to visit in the town. Those are Water Castle, Alun-alun Selatan with the fascinating myths, and also Keraton ( the Sultan Palace ). You can go around easily by Becak. So, do not miss driving Becak and get a great experience with it. 😀

becak becak1 SONY DSC


2 thoughts on “Becak : Facsinating Traditional Vehicle

  1. Yep
    we tasted one of those not in Yogya but in Solo and we had to admit that the driver did a remarkable effort carrying 2 big European in such simple transport. Worth to say that our tip was very welcomed and, for sure, deserved
    Have fun with becaks

    • Wow, I enjoyed reading the the positive reasons of taking a Becak and how I’ll feel when I take one. You listed all the great sites a Becak driver can take you in Jogjakarta and those pictures show me I can hire more than one and take all my friends and family with me 🙂

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