All God’s Chillun Got Wings


All God’s Chillun Got wings tells us about an absorbing story of a man’s and  a woman’s struggle from the oppression of their social life where racial issue is  rising. In this play, we can read how a man and a woman have to face an racial issue as the consequence of prejudice, stereotype, and discrimination in society of black American. The racial issue affected the characters’ sense of self and it also influences their social behavior, psychology, health, and so on. The main characters in this play are Jim and Ella.

            Sometimes Ella shows her discrimination with Jim when she was seventeen years old. In the first meeting after their childhood she met Jim was getting conversation with Mickey. She did not pay attention with Jim when Jim was greeting her. She was turning away  from Jim (scene two,page 10).

                        Jim Harris destroys his innate, positive vitality by attempting to define himself through Ella’s eyes, which are those of a corrupt society; Jim believes that freedom and selfhood may be acquired through the external trappings of status and success. Ella Downey cannot accept herself as a wife of a Blackman, Jim Harris while she is a white skinned. It makes her be in loneliness, low self esteem, in fear, uncanny emotion, unsatisfactory relation with others, increasing anxiety and even madness ( scene three, page 15). So, that why Ella shows her discrimination with Jim.

Although this play shows us How the strange love is. Ella is  white and Jim is black. They were able to learn how to accept one each other. It’s very dramatic play! 😀


One thought on “All God’s Chillun Got Wings

  1. Maybe my favorite article on this site. From this blog post I read a good summary of what the story of the play is about and then read in more detail what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the play. I learned who the main characters were and I especially liked the descriptions of how they think and feel throughout the play. Finally, I leaned what the theme of the play is and what the author thinks of the play. A good review/summary of this play!

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